MacBook Pro and Magic Mouse unable to pair

Ahh, summer holiday: sleeping late and starting another design task for a pleasant client right after a plentiful breakfast. But hold on for a sec! Why’s my magic mouse not working?! Almost two hours of digging the forums I finally found a solution.


  • Macbook Pro 2.66 GHz Inter Core 2 Duo / 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 / Mac OS x 10.6.8
  • Magic Mouse(s)


  • Magic Mouse(s) can’t be paired with MBP (batteries changed correctly, switched on and off for multiple times)
  • Any other Bluetooth device can’t be discovered (iPhone, Nokia Phone)
  • MBP Bluetooth dropdown in the top right corner doesn’t have a “Turn Bluetooth Off” option


  • Reset your System Management Controller (SMC).
  • Turn on your MBP.
  • Re-pair your Magic mouse via Set Up Bluetooth Device in the top right corner under the Bluetooth icon (especially if using the Mouse utility under System Preferences didn’t work).

Now some more coffee and Web Design! <3

When programs do things without asking: F-Secure’s latest epic fail

The lesson

Don’t ever ever make your software do important decisions for your user. Programs that behave in ways that user doesn’t expect them to, are bound to fail.

If it’s about freeing your user from repeating mundane tasks, please let the program do the work. If it’s something that most of the users would choose in most cases, please make the decision for them. But if it’s about trashing 90 000 files on my computer and not letting me restore them with a single click – please just let me do the decision making. Pretty-fucking-please.

The story follows.

I believed in a virus free computer

When I ditched my PC and purchased an iMac, one of the things off my chest was the vast amount of viruses I had just left behind. For a couple of months I didn’t even consider installing a virus protection software – I felt Safe. Then a friend from work told me that F-Secure’s got a free version of their protection software for Mac. Oh well, protection’s always good, right? Right.

Is this my first virus on a Mac?

Tonight I came home from work and launched my Firefox and then suddenly my F-Secure alerts me about a malware it has just prevented. I slowly close my browser and move away from the keyboard: could this be real? In disbelief I blink my eyes rapidly for a few times and relaunch Firefox… there it is again! Is this my first ever virus on a Mac?

My natural reaction

Worried about the infection I decided to start a full system scan. Little did I know what was about to happen next.

Since I’ve got over 500 gigabytes of files, I also left the F-Secure software running and went to play some GT5 on my PS3. For some reason the first 3000 files seemed to have almost 3000 dangerous files. This didn’t feel alerting, although it should’ve.

The epic fail

Later at night I came back from a floorball rehearsal and checked the status of the files right away. How many files were infected? Did F-secure remove the infection? What other actions do I need to take in order to regain my computer’s health? The report tells me that… of the 90 000 thousand infected files… almost all have been… moved to Trash!

I dash to forums to find a way to restore my files back to their initial locations. Like a word from heavens it echoed: “Put Back!” A command that could reanimate your files and repair your broken software. But just like everything that sounds too good to be true… well isn’t true. I keep on digging and in the last corner of the Internet (which is of course F-Secure’s forum) I find a thread that sheds some light on my despair.

The problem was indeed a major false positive on the TP version of our OS X offering. The problem was solved a while ago with update 2011-03-14_04. If any of you were using a non Technology preview version, please contact me. – Veli-Jussi Kesti, F-Secure corp.

I might’ve not been infected in the first place! And now I’ve got 90 000 files including my Photos, Graphic Design Files, Shared files from DropBox, Application files, etc. in the trash and no idea how to put them back where they belong. And for what? Someone had decided that the default option was to automatically trash the files. G-sus! Guess again, sir – you’ve just made and epic fail.

Rumia juttuja lasten suusta?

Bussissa istumisen parhaita paloja ovat kirjaa lukiessa kuullut keskustelut ja irtonaiset kommentit.

Mun pitää tänään mennä ostamaan Pokemon-pakka. Ni, ni. Mun kaverilla on synttärit.
– Anonyymi ala-asteelainen

Jonka jälkeen välittömästi…

Mä oon kännissä, missä sää oot. Haha, haha. Kuulitsää mitä se sano: mä oon kännissä, missä sää oot. Hehe. Kuuntele nyt se sano: nyt loppu juominen ja aletaan ryyppää! Nyt loppu Jjuominen ja aletaa Rrryyppää!
- Sama Anonyymi ala-asteelainen

Pienen hetken mietin, että onpa erikoinen tämä maailma, missä saman viiden minuutin sisälle mahtuu kaksi noin erilaista sisältöä. Sitten minua alkoi hymyilyttää ja tajusin, ettei lapsiakaan voi alistaa lineaarisiksi koneiksi, joiden tulkitseminen ja arvostelu olisi mahdollista noin pienellä havainnoinnilla.

En ole edes varma, pitääkö ketään suojella eri teemoilta ja kumpi edellä mainituista kahdesta ilmiöstä on itseasiassa pahempi.

Meinasin kuolla

Tänään meinasin kuolla. Aamulla duunimatkallani ylitän pyöräillen saman risteyksen sen suuremmin pelkäämättä tai keskittymättä liikenteeseen. Luotan liikennevaloihin, mikä olisi voinut aiheuttaa lopulliseen rajan ylityksen.

Odotimme normaaliin tapaani kävelijöiden ja pyöräilijöiden vihreän vaihtumista. Yleensä ylittäminen alkaa jo hieman ennen vihreää valoa, kun autoilijoiden valo vaihtuu punaiseksi. Tänään kukaan ei kuitenkaan varastanut, joka ilmeisesti pelasti koko porukan.

Puoleen väliin risteystä päästyäni vilkaisin oikealta tulevan liikenteen suuntaan ja näin harmaan auton lähestyvän risteystä poikkeuksellisen vauhdikkaasti. Useat autoilijat tekevät niin, mutta auton nopeus ei näyttänyt vähentyvän tarpeeksi lähellä risteystä. Seisahduin muiden ihmisten kanssa katsomaan parin metrin päästä autoa, joka punaisesta piittaamatta lävisti risteyksen ja pysähtyi nopeasti jarruttaen vasta risteyksen keskellä, kun oikealta tulevat autot tukkivat omilla autoillaan puolisokean kuskin tien. Autoon vilkaistessani näin vanhemman miehen siristelevän silmiään pää taakse kenottaen.

Jatkoin risteyksen ylittämistä miettien, miten olisi käynyt, jos olisimme ylittäneet tien muutaman sekunnin aikaisemmin. Se vasta olisikin ollut mielenkiintoista.

Enemy Earth: Interstellar Commute and Niv Bavarsky

I rarely listen to an album just because of the artwork. Today I made an exception. I was searching for some random stuff on Google when I found this beautiful cover in image search results.

Album notes tells me that Enemy Earth is the musical outlet of Recor and Artwork is done by Niv Bavarsky.

Remember to have a look at Bavarsky’s blog which is even more interesting than his website.

And check out Enemy Earth’s Interstellar Commute on Spotify.

PC Boy’s Journey To Mac in short

Six months ago I believed in personal computers equipped with Windows. I laughed at those with strong faith in Macs and told myself that their easy lifestyle with Apple’s iMacs and ProBooks was mere exaggeration and self-deceit. Little did I know.

In 2009 I went to spend my Christmas vacation still a devoted PC Boy. Through holidays I installed another Windows and spent my time cleaning registries – I was sure this was what Mac people surely had to do at some point too.

When I came back from my two weeks of rest I found out that someone had replaced my old work computer with a Mac Pro. It wasn’t a new hardware but had a fresh OS installed. I sat down and finally decided to give Mac a chance.

During the next couple of weeks work was easier than ever before – no longer did my computer problems and waiting for something to happen take 45 minutes of my day. Everything just seemed to work like a dream. I decided I wanted to try the Apple life through an iPhone as well, so I kindly asked my employer to get me one, which now seems like one of the largest steps away from Windows.

The next two months put a nail in Windows’ coffin. Mac Pro showed no signs of giving up even though my habit of leaving programs in the background had gotten a lot worse. It easily handled my Photoshop files with hundreds of layers and still played me tracks on Spotify and notified me about recent happenings on Tweetdeck and Yammer – something I could only dream of while working on Windows. I downloaded all kinds of cool programs for my iPhone and Mac and at home noticed that I’d rather not put on my old Windows computer at all.

In the beginning of May my home computer’s power button broke and I noticed that I had already subconsciously decided to buy a Mac as my new computer – there was no chance I’d torture myself with the uncertainties of another Windows PC. I managed to fix the button but I still felt I had to make the change.

Summary of what I think made me buy

  1. Despite the prejudice I had, Apple’s products actually worked – which is something that I can’t say about Windows. The best business model in the world is still probably to make stuff that’s insanely great.
  2. Choosing was easy: after I had decided that I didn’t need MacBook’s mobility, the selection was pretty easy to narrow down to two. On the contrary, buying a PC is usually about making the same decisions again on every component: which memory, which hard drive, which DVD-drive etc.
  3. Probably partly because of the narrowed selection I could get my iMac the same day I walked in the store to make the purchase – no waiting period to change my mind.

Even the slightly unwelcoming feeling at the store I purchased my Mac from couldn’t stop me from buying. I was actually prepared to buy accessories too, but no one cared to ask.

Now I’m typing this on a new iMac and don’t have the slightest regret that I decided to end my relationship with Windows.