MacBook Pro and Magic Mouse unable to pair

Ahh, summer holiday: sleeping late and starting another design task for a pleasant client right after a plentiful breakfast. But hold on for a sec! Why’s my magic mouse not working?! Almost two hours of digging the forums I finally found a solution.


  • Macbook Pro 2.66 GHz Inter Core 2 Duo / 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 / Mac OS x 10.6.8
  • Magic Mouse(s)


  • Magic Mouse(s) can’t be paired with MBP (batteries changed correctly, switched on and off for multiple times)
  • Any other Bluetooth device can’t be discovered (iPhone, Nokia Phone)
  • MBP Bluetooth dropdown in the top right corner doesn’t have a “Turn Bluetooth Off” option


  • Reset your System Management Controller (SMC).
  • Turn on your MBP.
  • Re-pair your Magic mouse via Set Up Bluetooth Device in the top right corner under the Bluetooth icon (especially if using the Mouse utility under System Preferences didn’t work).

Now some more coffee and Web Design! <3