Enemy Earth: Interstellar Commute and Niv Bavarsky

I rarely listen to an album just because of the artwork. Today I made an exception. I was searching for some random stuff on Google when I found this beautiful cover in image search results.

Album notes tells me that Enemy Earth is the musical outlet of Recor and Artwork is done by Niv Bavarsky.

Remember to have a look at Bavarsky’s blog which is even more interesting than his website.

And check out Enemy Earth’s Interstellar Commute on Spotify.

Verkkosivujen kävijämäärä ei toimi ulkoasun mittarina

Vaikka verkkosivujen kävijämäärä on huono mittari jo sinänsä, on vielä huonompi idea käyttää verkkosivujen kävijämäärän muutosta uudistetun ulkoasun toimivuuden mittarina.

Googleen tai muille linkittäville sivuille ei yksinkertaisesti vaan näy, millainen layout tai värimaailma sivustolle on milloinkin päätetty valita. Kävijämäärän tuijottamisen sijaan kannattaisi sen sijaan keskittyä esimerkiksi sivuston kävijöiden laadun ja tavoitteiden toteutumisen seuraamiseen. Kävijälukujen lasku ei monesti ole suorassa suhteessa tavoitteisiin, joskus jopa toisin päin.

Jos laskevat kävijämäärät kuitenkin huolestuttavat, ensin kannattaa tarkistaa, johtuuko lasku vanhojen vai uusien vierailijoiden määrän muutoksesta ja tarkastella syvemmin millä tavalla palaavien kävijöiden muutos sivustolla on muuttunut. Jos uudet vieraiijat ovat vähentyneet, on syy varmasti sivuston ulkopuolella tai sitten syvemmällä sisällä.

Ps. Samuli Raappana halusi vielä auki jääneen muokkausruudun välityksellä muistuttaa: Munkkikahveista haluaisin sanoa vielä sen verran että ei mitään rajaa kuinka hyviä pullia saakaan ostettua leipomosta Elosen!!!

Stickybits makes real world objects part of social media

Today Jouni Sutinen introduced me to a very interesting application for iPhone called Stickybits. According to the homepage it is a fun and social way to attach digital content to real world objects such as gift cards, business cards, food products and basicly anything that has a barcode printed on it. In other words: it lets you to make every object in the world a part of social media and expose them to both positive and negative valuing. You can also see where the barcode was last scanned which can help you organize your logistics and for example track when your items have reached their destination.

In the future you might be able to walk in to a store, pick a product you’re interested in and scan the barcode for more information. People can review products or add recipes to foods while manufacturers can add more detailed information that might have not fit on the package. Think about buying for example a piece of furniture and in the barcode having a detailed instructional video on how to assemble it. Since some products have unique barcodes I can even see how companies could use the provided technique in problem tracking and customer service. In this sense Stickybits could become the ultimate product information database.

How does it work

  1. Use your iPhone / Android to scan a barcode
  2. Attach your content to the barcode

For example I scanned the barcode of my notebook and added a comment saying: “My newest notebook.” which doesn’t make much sense considering what Stickybits is best for but gives you the idea: I can take any product and say what I want to say about it. It couldn’t get much easier.

Stickybits also lets you buy their unique barcodes for your own use if you for example wanted to send your friend something and add a message to it. Just scan the bar and type in your message.

More about Stickybits

  1. Stickybits official site
  2. The Secret Lives Of Objects: StickyBits Turn Barcodes Into Personal Message Boards
  3. Stickybits: Portal to Another Dimension or Graffiti for Nerds?

Oldschool is good if it has value

Old doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Despite the rising of social media there are still old means of marketing that are absolutely valid. There’s still room for web sites, fan clubs and newsletters.

It all boils down to value – if you have nothing to offer, it’s bad. If you have a web site with no useful content to the user, it’s bad. Fan club with nothing to offer, bad. Newsletter, where you remember to tell about your new recruitments but nothing that rocks the receivers world, bad again. Even your facebook site with 5000 likes is bad, because they’re about to leave right after you’ve stopped adding value!

In my honest opinion: if you want to succeed, think about what’s the value for the user, receiver, liker etc.