Google asks users which results rule

Google is once again heavily experimenting with new features and visual elements: black header bars, new sidebar colors, icon based search button and the list goes on. However the most significant feature that caught my attention is the one that lets registered users recommend a good search result.

Google plus one

How do you think pushes these buttons, users or Google robot?

This is definitely an answer for those preaching in the name of user centered content and design. Predictably in the future users will have even more say in what is good and what is not – even in Google. And when users decide which results they want to see, it doesn’t matter how many content reviewing robots you’ll build or how many rating algorithms you create, you’ll probably go wrong anyway.

So, the next time someone asks you to design for search engine robots, shoot them. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to HO (Human Optimization)! Yay!